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Anxiety, Insomnia and Illness

Updated: Jan 27

You have just gotten used to the unhealthy and often exhausting way of being, that is either living with anxiety or insomnia or both - right? Just living with it as though it is how it is ....

That is part of the trouble, that our powerful subconscious minds can work with us or unfortunately work against us. Once we condition a particular pattern for long enough it will become 'us' / who we are and how we live. Often anxiety and insomnia go hand in hand but of course, they may also exist just on their own and you may suffer from only one of the two. Regardless, the pattern and way of operating with these conditions has quite an impact on your health.

Your cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems can be affected through you continuing to live without addressing these unhealthy issues. Quite apart from the fact that all of us would just prefer to live alert, calm, and productive lives with clear thoughts and less worries. This is where the age old practice of hypnotherapy can and does help. I can develop a session plan that focusses on why you are not sleeping or why you battle with anxiety and provide you with tools to significantly reduce or eliminate your debilitating patterns. Imagine a life whereby you wake feeling rested.

Thousands of people every day use a changed mindset to promote new healthy and life changing habits. Why shouldn't it be you? Please feel free to contact me to book in your complimentary initial consultation and to be sent some simple questions to uncover why you are not living your best..

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