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Therapy and life coaching are often very much intertwined. Different sides of the same coin, yet separate in purpose.

Both encompass self-discovery and personal development, but one also assists with healing and moving forward when there are  existing negative or limiting beliefs.

Have you tried to make life changes several times

only for them not to work and you return to a lifestyle that is unfulfilling?

Do you keep making the same mistakes,

in relationships, in career choices, in health and well-being ?


Ethical life coaches know that what they do is not therapy and refer on those clients who need to clear away deep seated patterns of behaviour before they can embrace moving forward. With a background and qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Applied Psychotherapy, Education and Social Science, I offer both.

Is it possible to do work on what's holding you back from accomplishing your goals

without first eliminating baggage from the past?

Unfortunately not. Whilst many people are already in a positive mindset, ready to take on the world there are also those who have existing issues to deal with before this can happen for them.  It is like building a house on rocky unstable foundations and then expecting a beautiful and enduring structure to evolve on top. It can’t happen at a successful level. Eventually things will come undone. That is one of the reasons that despite your best efforts you may have tried to improve your life through different measures previously, for none of it to come to fruition. What is available to you if needed,  is ‘Recovery Life Coaching’. As standard life coaching alone may not be able to assist all people moving forward.

What issues can be assisted through Clinical Hypnotherapy?

If it is confidence you are lacking it can affect every facet of your life and most importantly, be a very real blockage to moving forward with your plans and goals. Whether it be the longing for a successful career or simply getting your life ‘in order’ to achieve some deserved personal happiness. There are many reasons for being ‘stuck’ in a mindset that is debilitating to your progress. You may have anxiety from particular events in your childhood for example. You may be exiting a long term mentally unhealthy relationship, or an unexpected divorce. Or you may have experienced trauma through loss of employment; loss of a loved one; or be recovering from a serious illness. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in assisting you with any issues that has your mind stuck in negative thought patterns, or fears. It can open the door to you finally moving forward, jumping out of bed glad a new day has begun! I assist you with building resilience for all that might still be ahead.


What then

Once we have identified if there are any root causes are that have prevented motivation / progress / happiness up until now, you can then look with new eyes at at what the future can hold.  Should it be that there are debilitating issues that need to be addressed, I will provide three, purpose written therapy sessions in order to ensure your program for future planning has its best possible grounding to succeed.

If this is not necessary for you, we shall have a one-off first session that will be 45 minutes of hypnosis to develop a wonderful positive mindset to assist the program ahead. We will do this again half way through, and at the end of your coaching program.

I can assist you with identifying where it is you want to be, establishing goals and putting in to place what is needed to have you on your way to the life you can see yourself living. We will catch up weekly, to ensure you stay on track as your commence implementing your goals.

I work with men and women from all over the country by Zoom in the comfort of their own home.



This may be 45 minutes, it may be 90 minutes. It is however long we need.

Together we discuss a complete evaluation of your needs, through identifying any issues that may be necessary to work through first, so you can get the best results from your program. After doing this and we have decided upon your particular needs, I will then spend time considering a package of sessions that will be the most effective way forward for you. This will be guided by your individual goals and expectations of where you would like to be in your life in the months to come. I am committed to you getting value for your financial outlay and not simply re-hash what I am doing with someone else.

Coaching with therapy                                                                           

Minimum Investment 8 Session Program

Regular Life Coaching Program


Minimum Investment 6 Session Program

On-going Support:

I’m not going to abandon you !

Most people find continuing with a 3-4 month connection is the way to have maximum benefit from your initial program, with 30 min phone sessions keeping things on track. These can be looking at any obstacles that have arisen or simply setting new goals. An example  would be 3 month, 30 min, 3 weekly sessions once a program is completed.

Congratulations for taking this step
For a free initial consultation please phone or click below so we can get this ball rolling, and organise a time to see if we are a good fit for each other
to commence your exciting new path


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