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  • 75% of clients access their sessions from the comfort of home

  • We offer an initial free information call / facetime / zoom, whatever suits best

  • How and why Hypnotherapy works....

The subconscious mind contains all of our memories, learnt belief systems, and life experiences so far. It directs nearly all of our behaviour. By tuning into and accessing our subconscious mind, we are able to make changes to unwanted habits, reprogram old beliefs about ourselves, and bring perspective to traumatic events.

  • Clients successfully address issues such as excessive drinking or over-eating, for trauma, or anxiety. Building self-esteem and motivation for 'moving forward'.

  • Melissa is a qualified Professional Clinical Member of the AACHP and appointments can take place either in person (in Devonport) or in your own home by Zoom, from anywhere in the country. There is no difference with effectiveness.

  • You are welcome to book a free initial 15 minutes information consultation.

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