• So you are wondering how and why Hypnotherapy works....   well the subconscious mind contains all of your memories, learnt belief systems, and your life experiences so far. It is the place of your emotions and directs nearly all of your behaviour, and automatic responses. By tuning into and accessing our subconscious mind we are able to make changes to unwanted behaviours and habits, reprogram old beliefs and instigate a positive new way forward. It is possible to address the 'self-talk' that can create blocks to achieving what we want to. Much of our ways of 'operating' come from what we have been exposed to, often right back to childhood. And from that, patterns set in. In regard to issues such as anxiety and other debilitating conditions, it is usually the case that they are linked to a negative event in our life that has never been addressed. Clients come to Hypnotherapy for a range of reasons. For issues such as excessive drinking or over-eating, we work on how to no longer need this place of comfort. You will not be ‘under a spell’ where someone has control over you or standing up and quacking like a duck should I ask you to (think stage shows). Being under hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation similar to meditation. You still know and understand where you are. It is necessary to be in this state of mind in order for you to fully embed the new path forward.

  • Our initial chat can be by phone, Facetime or Zoom as I introduce myself and you can decide if this is the right fit for you. I am not pushy, wanting to do a hard sell. In fact there is nothing worse! I am qualified and professionally registered and confident in my abilities in which to assist you. The decision is entirely yours. The only requirement is that you are completely ready for life change. If you feel this is you, please take yourself to the enquiries page to leave your details, or telephone and I will get back to you to organise a time. To have the initial consultation costs nothing and there is no obligation to proceed from there. An approximate fee can usually be provided at this time.


  • If you then feel you would like to proceed with me putting together a program proposal for you, I undertake that at no fee. I will get back to you within 48 hours and advise of the cost and the amount of sessions needed to treat your issue as an individual. When you book in your dates and make payment for your program, the deposit is deducted.

  • You will need around 60-75 minutes initially, so we have adequate time to introduce you to hypnosis and our path forward. Following sessions are approximately 50 min. Appointments can take place either in person (if you live in Hobart) or in the comfort of your own home by Zoom, anywhere in the country. In fact more of my clients are preferring the latter due to time restraints and through living outside of city areas where assistance is available at a set location. All you need is a quiet room.

  • I encourage you before leaving the website, to take a look at our Blog to read any articles of interest, and of course to access the enquiries page so we can do this !  Thank you for doing this for yourself, and lets chat soon.