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The on-going effects of Covid

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Am I fine? Am I pretending to be fine? Am I worried about my family or just sad about the growing isolation and controlled conditions we now live in?
These are relevant and completely normal questions to be going through your thoughts in recent times.

No. 1 don't feel strange and don't feel as though you a doomed to be stuck in a negative mindset. Many people around you are experiencing exactly what you are experiencing, but there are reasons why some are coping better than others.

No.2 Seek assistance as there is no point suffering silently and having your life hindered by this difficult factor that has entered our lives. You can build up a strength that you may not have known you had - you just need to learn how to access it.

In our every day lives we are wired to deal with stresses that we expect to arise. Those things that come along from time to time, such as money worries, children acting out, problems with a colleague at work etc. We can also experience some stresses that are on a greater scale at times, like divorce or loss of a loved one. However difficult those periods are, they are unfortunately part of life's curve balls and they are not a new 'phenomenon' or new concept that our minds have not had to register before, such as the Covid virus is. Have you found yourself this past 18 months being caught up in the 'fear' to the degree that it has taken over your thoughts? Is it making you eat more, smoke more, on-line shop more?

We each have individual abilities in order to process what might be stressful or difficult periods in our lives. Most of it dealt with from learnt behaviour. We will have learnt as young children how to manage or mis-manage issues that are of distress, whichever the case may be. Some people may have become well read of their own volition on how to do manage difficult times effectively; or others may have accessed measures such as traditional counselling. However it is also common for individuals not to have had the opportunity of any of these things. What that means therefore is that you may not have tools in your subconscious mind that you can draw to the surface in order to assist you and reassure you when experiencing anxiety. If you do not, the current perceived unknown can be causing you stresses that are affecting every part of your day to day life and certainly your health.

If you have never had the opportunity to learn how to place perspective on events that have been stressful in your past, and you automatically turn to behaviours that you are used to such as staying at home and avoiding socialising, staying up late and not being able to sleep, over eating or over drinking to make yourself feel better, or simply feeling unwell and not yourself, then hypnosis is a means by which you can re-learn and re-train your mind in a more effective way. A way that means you will no longer need to turn to destructive behaviours that are no help to you at all.

You are not stuck with and bound by your past way of dealing with things. It is not just 'you' or a personality trait that you have to plod along with no matter. The situation that is Covid is no different from other difficult issues that can face people for the very first time in that under hypnosis you can learn perspective. We cannot always eliminate unpleasant situations that face us, but we can indeed learn how to draw on strengths that mean life can still be enjoyed to the full. This period in our lives may require tools to re-focus and build perspective. It is not as difficult as you might think to achieve this and it is completely within your ability. No question is silly, ask me and I will respond as soon as I am able.

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