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'Setting the Scene'

It occurred this morning, when I knew I had to devote a few hours of my Sunday to professional tasks and not just lazing about as I please, that I unconsciously have a process in which I can achieve this / make sure it happens.

A bit over five weeks ago I had some pretty major surgery, a full knee replacement. Those not in the know (which was me prior) this knocks you for six. You are very tired due to lack of sleep and uncomfortable no matter where you sit or lay, for at least three weeks before slight improvements start to occur. From week three after surgery I had clients I needed to attend to remotely (Zoom) and programs I had to write for those sessions. I also had to write the content for Term One of Yr 11/12 for two subjects at a College I work part-time for. Now I am no more super human than anyone reading this article, so how did I go about getting things done without too much panic and still in a stage of recovery ......

  1. I established a practice several years ago whereby I set the scene for the day. I do

this sometimes even before I get up. If not then very soon after. I try to remember to practice 1-2 minute affirmations of gratefulness for starters. Mine are being thankful that I have children with their young children who are happy and healthy; that I have a rewarding job and that I live in a country largely protected from the atrocities going on in the rest of the world. You will have your own thoughts on what your blessings are.

2. I decide upon what the 'mix' will be of pleasant and must-do things (that may not always be pleasant) to have undertaken by day's end. I find that it is easier to get through difficult tasks if I break them up every hour or two, with something fun or enjoyable. These breaks do not have to be either expensive or elaborate. i.e go out and water the garden, pick a few tomatoes, bring a flower inside; have a coffee machine coffee with a piece of chocolate; facetime my delightful 3 year old grand daughter. I can then return to the more serious or necessary tasks a little more relaxed, for another hour or two.

3. Be pleased with results no matter how minor. None of us always have a good day and unfortunately many people have more days than not, whereby they do not feel that great at all. It is important to recognise what we do achieve as when you do that, just watch how that optimism will be self-perpetuating. If we decide our house needs a clean and things all over the place are becoming annoying however, we have other things to attend to before 5.00pm as well, then do what you can do. What I mean is, if you need to clean the floors, the bathroom, and sort out a whole stack of clothes but you end up doing only one of these, that is fine. Instead of chastising yourself remember that you didn't get to them all because you also went to work for 6 hours or you also visited someone you had promised or you finished that study you had to finish. Remaining in a state of feeling you are hopeless will not mean anymore gets done.

If you have ever read some of my other Blog topics you will know that mindset is everything. What we tell our mind is important because you can be sure it is listening. This is why so many people have success in changing many aspects of their lives, once learning how to control mindset.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to have assistance, through Clinical Hypnotherapy, in accessing your powerful subconscious mind for change.

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