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Lonely or Alone? Isolated or Solitary ?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

These concepts are very different.

You can be alone but certainly not be lonely.

You can be a solitary person but not isolated.

There are many people who are very content to spend their lives almost entirely alone, only ever mixing with others in the workplace and/or at family gatherings. Apart from that they prefer a solitary lifestyle and to rely on themselves for all of their needs.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and in fact some might say 'what an envious state of being'.

However the majority of us prefer regular interaction with others. Dating sites for example, are not big business for nothing ! It can be very healthy for our well being to simply share a meal and have a laugh with likeminded people, having family and friends join us on birthdays and other special occasions, and generally knowing there are people we can call on should we just need a chat. It's soothing, it is emotionally rewarding and lets face it, news can be so much more fun when shared with others.

It is possible of course to be estranged from family and for a friendship base to have gone by the wayside for various reasons. However there are many other ways of interacting with others, but not everyone is capable of doing so. If you are someone experiencing real feelings of isolation and loneliness when there are so many social avenues out there to address this, then it is possible there are issues that are coming from another place. When people experience feelings of loneliness or isolation over a period of time, it is common to seek out ways to address this - to access social groups such as the global platform of 'Meetup', or to involve themselves in community organisations that regularly meet, or maybe seek out new hobbies to take up in order to make friends. However, if you feel you are unable to take these measures yourself then there is a real possibility that you have barriers holding you back that are by no means of your doing. Barriers that can be addressed.

You may well be lacking in confidence, suffering from low self-esteem or just not feeling that you are worthy of having outlets that are fulfilling. You may have come from a family background where socialisation was the norm. There are many possible reasons and it can be quite debilitating.

Firstly, listen to this statement ..... there is nothing wrong with you, you are not strange and life does not always have to be like this. The first step is understanding that and then knowing that help is available and that change and fulfillment is within your grasp. The Universe is there to provide you with more than you can imagine but it is all about believing your life can change and that a very exciting path is ahead if you are open to that possibility. You are stronger than what you might think.

Change is a curious thing. We need to be completely invested in the possibility and then follow through with a deep personal belief of worthiness. Clinical Hypnosis combined with Applied Psychotherapy can get to the bottom of what is limiting your happiness and develop real strategies for change. Learnt behaviour and underlying issues are addressed in your initial session with a therapist and then under hypnosis a new mindset can be developed addressing these limiting beliefs, in order for you to forge ahead with how you wish your life to be.

Change and growth can be scary, but not as scary as staying forever in a place where you shouldn't be.

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