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When Little Joy Presents

There are many reasons that can be attributed to, and individual situations that come under the umbrella of depression. It may be situational (a divorce, the death of someone close, or a family history of bi-polar or other mental health issues).

It is a very debilitating thing to find only rare moments of joy in life - snippets of happiness that are far apart in occurrence. It is possible to feel as though you are a bystander to other people's engaging lives and that you are never going to be part of what is a satisfying daily routine.

It can also be hard for those around you to understand what that may be like. That in itself then causes even more sadness for you.

* Persistent periods of sadness and a sense of hopelessness is debilitating to day to life and rarely can a person get through this, or learn to manage in an effective way without some form of assistance.

* When assistance is not sought, it can result in unhealthy avenues being accessed in order to cope or temporarily escape your own head i.e alcohol abuse; excess food; smoking; or simply shutting oneself off from he world and retreating from day to day life.

* Clinical Hypnotherapy focusses on firstly, your individual life situation, as not one persons circumstance is the same as another's. A program developed for someone who cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel after losing a loved one is not the same as another person of whom is despondent about their life 'in general'.

Importantly, you won't spend endless sessions talking and answering questions about when and how and why you feel the way you do (causing anxiety within itself). Once your personal circumstances have been established, the Therapist takes it from there and there is no hard slog of turning up every week only to have to talk through issues for another hour. Sound good?

* The goal is for you to develop a mindset and new learnt behaviours that will kick in when you need them to. It does not mean (depending on the causal factors) that depression has exited your life necessarily. What it does mean is that you together we can instill thought processes that enable the management of your sadness; to find joy in day to day life and to be able to see situations in a different way.

* There is no quick fix and it may well be that a medical diagnosis that even includes medication for a time, is a decision you have made. Again there is no one way that is the right pathway. Therapy is there to assist you moving forward once stablised and does not take the place of professional medical advice. It is always wise to discuss how you feel with your GP.

* If there is someone you know that you believe is suffering needlessly and is covering up or trying to soldier on, please ensure you say something and normalise chatting about it. A lot of embarrassment can be attached to feeling the way that they do. Reach out.

We offer a complimentary initial phone consultation to discuss anything issue that you might be interested in seeking assistance for. Don't hesitate to provide your details on our enquiries page to book in a time for a confidential discussion.

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