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Effects of Trauma

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Past traumas can also appear in a survivor as lethargy, exhaustion, chronic fatigue and other symptoms. All of these can be exhausting. Small, everyday things in the environment can trigger the brain into a fight-flight-freeze trauma response. A trigger is a reminder of the original danger. It is like the original trauma experience is happening all over again. Different people are triggered by different things, so it is all very individual. the unexpected death of a parent or a child ...... with all these sorts of events changes in the brain can occur and the response of fear can become ‘trapped’ in our body.

The mind can become ‘stuck’, almost expecting something bad to happen, constantly looking out for danger and preparing the body to fight or flee. This can show up as anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or depression. It is also common for victims to turn to drugs, alcohol, or food as a comfort place.

A trigger can be a sound, a smell, a time of year, certain words, being in a room alone with someone, physical touch or a range of other things. Being triggered can cause someone to fight (become physically or verbally aggressive), to flee, or to freeze (shut down, zone out). The person can react as if the original trauma experience is happening, even if there is no danger at all. It is an unconscious response. Living life in this traumatised state can be both exhausting and debilitating.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy is able to assist you in a similar way to treating PTSD, establishing new thought patterns and bringing about perspective ... allowing you to re gain power through grounding and stabilising any overwhelming emotions. Finding serenity and a sense of safeness can greatly assist with minimising and addressing triggers and most importantly living a more fulfilling life.

We help people every day, Australia-wide move forward with a satisfying & joyful way that they had forgotten was possible. Changes such as job interviews no longer being scary, attending social events where they don't know everyone is no longer a problem, powering ahead with life plans become exciting not daunting, self-esteem has been lifted. They have 'flipped the script'. There is no reason why you cannot too.

Please feel free to look around the website, or to email (click below) to book in a free initial consultation. Or you are welcome to simply phone and if not immediately, I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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