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Thoughts from the Headland

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Here I am, back in the small coastal village in northern NSW, and at one of my most peaceful places in the country.

A decade ago when grappling with the apprehension of a new life after a 20 year marriage, I would get up early and sit at the point hoping the universe would assist, guide me, clear my mind. I would watch the surfers navigate the famous surf break down below, and wonder at their fearlessness. Well the answers for “where now” did not always present themselves, but a sense of peace did.

I may now live in beautiful Tasmania and occasionally do miss the benefits of watching the early morning crashing of waves on a headland, but I just find other places of nature, places of peace. They are everywhere. A three monthly walk near Cradle Mountain takes me to another place of contemplation not possible sitting on the couch. And like my 2 year old Grand daughter (in the picture) lost in her thoughts in outback Australia, we can all learn what it means to truly block out the rest of the world, even if for only 10 minutes a day. Indeed one of my relaxation paths in hypnosis is to take you near a fresh clear pond - having quietness in order to clear your busy mind.

We should never underestimate the benefits of how lone time with nature can calm the soul. You just need to find your place, whatever location resonates with you.

It may be out in the country under a gum tree, it might be a wander along the beach ... it really doesn’t matter. What matters is allowing yourself to really appreciate the smells, the quiet, and the knowledge that stillness can bring. My preference was always first up in the morning, especially if I felt anxious about the day. But yours might be sundown.

Find your place of peace in nature, and let it assist you - ground you - and calm your sometimes crazy thoughts. It is through this you will know what you need to do next.

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