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We Become What we Focus on

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

“Your thoughts are a catalyst for self-perpetuating cycles. What you think directly influences how you feel and how you behave” This quote I read recently says in a nutshell, how we are able to continue on with a path that regardless of knowing it is not helpful, still we do.

You know the old saying the more we practice at something the better we get at it – well that can very much apply to getting good at negative thoughts. Or as noted in the picture/saying heading the article, what we feed through focussing on it, will be sure to grow.

‘I am too old to change careers now’ ‘I have been in this relationship so long how would I know how to start again’ ‘I know I desperately want to lose 10 kilo, to be healthier, but if I try I'll just fail’ ‘I am not such an interesting person, why would someone want to hang out with me. You might have heard of labels like self-limiting beliefs, but the crux of it is after telling ourselves these things for long enough our minds will believe it. A cycle we have created ourselves. This includes hanging on to past trauma.

How about instead, the idea of * I hate my job and have always wanted the satisfaction of doing something I would really love * Every day I wake up I wonder how it is I am still in this unsatisfying relationship. I deserve happiness and laughter. * I haven't been able to get my anxiety under control until now, but I am bringing that to an end.

I know it could be scary taking the step to jump but is it way scarier to be in the same place this time next year.

We can either feed and focus on the negatives, or feed and focus on positive thoughts. That is how we re-train our subconscious mind.

Once you have an idea about yourself it is very easy to look for evidence to prove that thought right. Negative or positive. And when things go right it will be easy to then say that it was a fluke. That is because once in this negative trap we like to keep proving it. A strange human trait. But what if you decided instead to challenge that idea, that belief that you are holding with all your might? You might actually have to admit that it is exaggerated, that it is entrenched because you keep feeding it.

If you do wish to discuss how Hypnotherapy can be a catalyst for change, a pathway to fine tuning existing thought processes, just ask. If you know you are unduly focussed on self-limiting beliefs and that is causing problems in your life, I will unpack that for you as you are capable of a changed mindset by year’s end.

Please don't hesitate to jump up the top to our enquiries form and book in an initial free consultation. Also, if you feel there is someone who may benefit from this or any other of the Blog topics available here, feel free to share away.


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