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Attitude - Your Decision

The theatre Director Stanislavski trained Actors to ‘think themselves’ into a role, in order to be realistic.

From the outside in, we can all commence to behave in a manner that we wish to be our norm, until it becomes so. Our powerful subconscious mind will embed whatever habits we decide upon.

You have probably heard ‘fake it til you make it’ and many a successful person in any field, adopted this practice early on. Why not adopt the same concept in order to get yourself on the lifestyle path you want as your permanent path?

Instead of instilling into your thoughts the mindset of ‘oh I have been on these vapes for so long now I‘m addicted’ ‘I am always having moments of anxiety that control me’, ‘I keep being unhealthy no matter how I try not to’ (you get the drift), in hypnotherapy it is completely possible to flip the script on these thoughts. To be an Actor in way, in your own play, until a new way becomes who you are by nature.

And …. this is no matter the issue. Take a virtual seat in the chair and decide to be who you wish to be. And please don’t hesitate to contact me and book an initial phone consult if you have any further queries.

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