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Moving Forward Following Grief

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

When we think of grief it is common for first thoughts to be the loss of a loved one. However, grief can be derived from numerous sources and life events and each having its own debilitating effects.

Divorce for example, has often been likened to a death of which several parallels can be drawn "Divorces and breakups can sometimes be worse than death, because the person who died to us is very much alive, haunting our every thought" Which of course, is not to downplay or minimise grief associated with death of a loved one. However, a male client once commented to me that he related to many of the symptoms of PTSD post divorce. Goes without saying that this might equally apply similarly, to the break up of any significant relationship.

Surviving a drawn out and debilitating illness can certainly instigate a period of grief once the danger period is over and 'normal' life starts to resume. This can be due to issues such as the body not recovering completely to its former self and therefore a grieving period of what the future might now hold. It is possible to question everything you ever thought about the life ahead - about life in general.

The failure of a business venture, bankruptcy or any major financial set back can cause a period of grief and if life-changing enough, cannot be underestimated in terms of the effects physically and psychologically.

The effect of any significant loss, no matter the reason or cause, can instigate a timeframe whereby grief is very much apart of your day to day. Individuals quite commonly experience feelings of shame, of depression, of inadequacy and a sense of being lost. And almost always, an inner panic of 'where to now?' All of this is normal and understandable, yet none of it need define the future path ahead. There are definately stages to go through, they are well documented and quite accurate but a little detailed to go through here.

As with all issue that can be addressed through Clinical Hypnotherapy I am always available to discuss a program that would be best assist. In a nutshell, it is completely possible to embed in to your powerful subconscious mind / your thoughts, a purpose and clarity in regard to the pathways and positives that could still be ahead. Assisting with relief from the effects of what was. Creating a renewed mindset is within your grasp if you are now at a place where you would like to move forward stronger, and with renewed optimism. Importantly, don’t be hard on yourself - it is not expected that you do this alone.


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